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Cell Repair

Cell Repair

Nutritional Facts
Serving Size:
Servinge Per Container:
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Vitamin C 25mg 42%*
B-6 Vitamin 8mg 400%*
Folic Acid 625mcg 2083%*
Vitamin B12 125mcg 2083%*
Zinc 2mg 13.3%*
Copper 125mcg 6.3%*
Selenium 25mcg 35.7%*
Magnesium 38mg 9.5%*
Proprietary Blend 429mg*
Beet powder(Root) Broccoli Powder*
Oat(Aerial Parts) Choline Bitarate
Inositol Bioflavonoids*
Taurine Organic Minerals (Humic Shale)*

About Cell Repair

Cell Repair has vitamins and minerals with herbs to assist the body to construct perfect cells, lower homocystine levels and to inactivate free radicals

Recommended use: 1 capsual 4 times a day with meal.

Contents 120 capsules

Cell Repair is formulated to provide healthy mehtylation and antioxidant properties to build better cells and extend their longevity. This formula is used to retard natural aging and reduce the number of cells with defective cell controls. It is used to support DNA intergrity, lower homocyctine levels in the blood and reduce circulatory system irritation and damage.

Cell Repair was formulated to control oxidation and stabilize bodily operations that maintain DNA function and structure. Cell Repair provides methyl groups for body processes to help sustain healthy DNA structure and inactivate free radicals. These methyl groups allow genes to express their proper function and allow other genes to express their dominance when appropriate. The absence of methyl groups can cause cells to run without controls, which result in aging and abnormal growth. To retard natural aging and possible abnormal growths, you need to eat a diet high in fresh vegetables and fruits combined with a small protein intake and organic chelated minerals. Select fresh organic fruits and vegetables, wild fish or free game meats, and cook foods by steaming, water frying, blanching or boiling without oil. These diet guidelines will enhance methylation, but Cell Repair will supplement the diet with methyl donors at a level greater than could be done with natural diet alone.

A reduction of caloric intake will also improve the methylation of DNA and may help your digestive processes to be more consistent and allow normal uniform bowel movements. You must also have more than three regular planned exercise sessions per week. These actions can lower your homocysteine level, which also lowers your cholesterol and triglycerides to allow optimal health and longevity. Stay away from processed foods such as the type found in a can, box, bag or from the freezer.

High levels of homocysteine in the blood can cause mental retardation, heart disease, artery damage, lower skin elasticity, tooth loss/decay, gum disease, depression, liver damage, and nerve problems. Some studies show that supplying methyl groups to the cells can reduce homocysteine blood levels and cause a reduction in LDL (the bad guys) and increase HDL (the good guys).

We conclude that homocysteine is a killer. Studies show that methylation can easily lower homocysteine in the bood. A lower level of homocysteine in the body can slow the progression of birth defects, osteoarthritis, heart disease, circulatory disease and aging.

Individuals that do not eat fresh organic vegetables and fruits, but consume processed foods and sugar have a deficiency of methyl groups in their blood. People with low methyl groups should use caution when they take niacin hydrochloride or nicotinamide, because this can reduce the number of methyl groups already available.

Prescription antidepressants may also impair the body to control disease or abnormal cell growth. Individuals with immunological inflammatory stresses such as allergies, arthritis, chronic infections (from parasites), viruses, bacteria and acute trauma may need a higher amount of methyl donor supplements.

Consult your heath care professional before starting any health program on your own. It is strongly recommended that all exercise programs and supplementation regimens be supervised by a health care professional.

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